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Auto Insurance

Not only is having auto insurance the law, auto insurance will also protect you and your family and your assets in an event of a claim. Not every insurance company is the same, most have different appetites on what type of insureds they prefer. They do this by offering the best rates for customers they want and expensive rates for customers they don't want. It doesn't matter if you have no tickets or have multiple tickets, Topco Insurance will find the best carrier that suits you!

Here are some common questions you may have when you shopping for auto insurance.

Why should I go through an agent rather than buying auto insurance online?

Some customers prefer to sit down and have a chat with an industry profesional. Insurance contracts are very complicated and often very confusing. Licensed insurance professionals must complete training as well as meet continuing education requirements to be able to offer insurance counseling and sell insurance products. Speaking to someone one on one will enable you as a consumer to insure what is most important to you.

What can an independent insurance agent offer?

An independent insurance agent can offer professional insurance consultation through multiple insurance companies. As an independent agent, we don't just offer one insurance company, like direct agents, and we don't charge fees, like brokers. We wouldn't give you an insurance company that offers competitive rates to younger drivers, if you are over 50 years in age, we would customize the auto insurance company to your needs.

Why do I need insurance?

Not only is it mandated by state law, many individuals wish to purchase auto insurance to protect their growing assets.

What is important when purchasing auto insurance?

  • Seek information about the financial strength of the company offering the policy. The most important aspect of an insurance contract is the ability to pay the liability.
  • Determine what amount of coverage you need.
  • Know what your insurance policy covers and what it excludes.
  • Make the decision on what company and agent can provide the best coverage.

You can purchase insurance through Topco Insurance Agency by clicking on the auto insurance quote link above, call us at 800-788-8588, or simply come into one of our many branch offices located throughout the San Gabriel Valley.