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David Lin committed himself to the insurance industry in 1992. In 1994, the Northridge earthquake occurred and its epicenter in Northridge where David lived and worked.  A neighborhood in north-central San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles had a duration of approximately 10–20 seconds in moment magnitude (Mw) of 6.7 shake. The death toll was 57, with more than 8,700 injured. In addition, property damage was estimated to be between $13 and $40 billion, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history. The disaster had made a huge impact on David’s life and opened up his vision toward insurance that discipline him devoted into insurance business.

After the shake, the fire explosion from houses was everywhere, residents looked into insurance coverages for assistance. That is when David learned, even without earthquake coverages, the regular house fire coverage could cover fire explosion damage in earthquake and helped many residents rebuilt their homeland. Moreover, with civil engineers help, insurance companies honored the profession estimated rebuilding costs on structural damages and was willing to compensate more benefits to insured for rebuilding their homes. David was there in Northridge to witness how great insurance benefits impacts people’s life when in need and how important it is to have insurance knowledge that can saves many people’s life from destroy.

Insurance fund really help

He soon found out “There is always room for us to help clients” and not only in his heart he believes, but in real life he saw that” Insurance fund really help people rebuild their homeland”

The economy struck hard in the city after the disaster, many hotels, restaurants, shops shut down afterwards, but insurance fund soon infused to the city. Local businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, hotels with insurance coverages soon reopen their business and economy started to bloom. With insurance fund, engineers, construction builders from all over the states were able to come and work. It provided jobs and brought hope back to the city. David also saw many residents without insurance coverage was forced to leave their homeland due to no financial assistance.

Actions and Promises

The Northridge earthquake pushed David on studying catastrophes in CA, and he soon found out that disasters like flash fire, flood, heavy rain, wind, mud slide, brush fires are all very common in California. David realized how important it is for an insurance agent to acquire accurate insurance knowledge and accumulate experiences that could help our communities and neighbors when in need. It is a restless effort to provide professional knowledge with well-trained agent services. With this determination, David founded his first own insurance broker office “Topco insurance agency” in 1998 and until now, his mindset never changed. He always tells his employees, “All the insurance policies issued from Topco, we will make sure to take good care of it.”

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