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Health insurance is one of the most essential and necessary insurance products you should purchase not only for ACA (Affordable Care Act) requirement but due to the high cost of medical expense in the U.S. It may cover your doctor visits, inpatient, outpatient surgery, laboratory, prescription and more medical expenses. It also provides coverage in areas that are unforeseen such as accidents/injury, unexpected illness, or pregnancy and preventive care for all insured.

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If you want to purchase individual and family health insurance, the annual open enrollment period is from November to the end of January of the following year. However, there is no time limit for corporate group health insurance, as long as the company meets the requirements of the insurance company, it can open a new group health insurance policy in any month.

If you have any questions about health insurance or pricing, please do not hesitate to contact our Group Health Department and we will have a health insurance professional discuss and assist you to answer your questions immediately and choose the most suitable health plan for your company.

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