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Despite being required by your mortgage or lender, homeowner's insurance covers your biggest asset-your home. There are many different types of homeowner’s coverages, ranging from the many different types perils that the policy insures you against, to the many different insurance options we can add and cover in your insurance policy, such as a landlord's dwelling fire policy or policies covering your jewelry and other important personal property at your home. We highly recommend that you come in and speak to an insurance professional when making such a large purchase.


Studies show that there is a direct correlation between an individual's credit history and their loss history. It is a tool to measure how well a person manages their finances. It is also only one aspect of what determines your insurance rates.

Credits may be available for newer homes, higher deductibles, hail resistive roofing materials, security/protective devices for fire or burglary, multiple policies and building longevity with a company. Come speak with our insurance professional so we can sit down and determine how to save you money!


This is a package policy in which your dwelling is covered as well as other structures, personal property, personal liability and loss of use. Coverage could vary depending on the policy you purchased. Policies could differ in what causes of loss are covered, certain personal property that is limited in the amount that will be paid, and exclusions could also vary. The homeowner's policy is not a maintenance contract. The homeowner is ultimately responsible to ensure proper upkeep of the property. Please ask for additional brochures available on tips to reduce hazards in the home.

Insurance contracts are very complicated and often very confusing. Licensed insurance professionals must complete training as well as meet continuing education requirements to be able to offer insurance counseling and sell insurance products. We can explain what your contractual obligations are, offer coverage recommendations, explain what your contract covers, what it does not cover and if there are additional options available to you. Your dwelling is likely your most valuable asset as well as your family's 'home'. In the event of a total loss of your home and personal property, accurate insurance protection would allow you to focus on your family without the financial burden of being uninsured or underinsured.

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